Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities at Ice Prince FOZ Album Launch

Its me Fatimah again and I am back with the Fashion Hits and Miss for Ice Prince Zamani’s FOZ album launch. Are you ready because I am. Lets get to it.



First of we are going to ignore that she wore this to an event earlier on in the day. If you can recall, Emmy Nyra was a MISS at Tiwa Savages wedding which took place on the same day. I have to place her on the HIT list here because her outfit is now event appropriate. She looks vibrant and ready to party the night away making her our first HIT



Rita Dominic looks fun and simple at the same time. This outfit is perfect for the lady who wants to have fun but still look dinner ready. Rita, I love it, so she gets my second HIT


There is something so cool about this look for a RAP album launch. The hair? LOVES IT!. I do wish she ran an iron through those pants but it does not take much away from the look. This fly lady here is an event appropriate fashion HIT



Toolz Toolz Toolz, how many times did I call you? How can you MISS two times in one day? It would have taken Toolz 5 minutes to walk into the nearest bathroom and have a change of clothes. This error on her part makes her a fashion MISS


Who is this lady? Who are her friends? Who are her brothers? Who are her sisters? Who is her boyfriend or husband? They deserve the naughty corner for not advising her that the boobs faux pas is a real huge no no.  As a lady, I don’t want to rag on anybody’s boobs because I’m sure when age catches up with me I will get there too, but when I do, I will also buy all the necessary garments of “upliftment” to save myself such embarrassment. Madam you and your boobs are a huge MISS

foz worst dressed

When you want to channel your inner Lil Kim circa 1993, please do us all a favor and make sure it suits you. Get me a hose because I want to spray her right into the big bucket of  fashion MISS

foz worst dressed 2

Great outfit, bad makeup can put anybody in the MISS category. I will not get into the fact that some Nigerian Women have taken this nose contouring thing to another scary level, lets ignore that for now. With makeup, sometimes less is more. The combination of colors on her face gives off a “drag” effect.  The lipstick is screaming and distracting from the chicness of her outfit. Madam enter the one chance bus jump inside our fashion MISS

That’s it for now till the next big event. I am Miss Fatimah reporting for Entertaining Africa

-Miss Fatima signing out