Watch Yoruba Movie: OLUMO Part 1 staring Dele Odule, Omobanke, Olasunkanmi Omobolanle

A certain rich chief has everything going on for him except his troublesome children from his first wife who cause the man nothing but pains. Meanwhile, the only son of the second wife wants the best for his father and will do anything for him. The chief subsequently fell ill with a life threatening ailment which led to his demise. In his will, he left all his property to his first wife’s children leaving nothing for his second wife’s son. Weird we thought but the African proverb insist “what an elderly sees while sitting, a child would never see even if he climbs a tree” This is a great movie to learn from. enjoy it. This movie stars Dele Odule, Omobanke, Olasunkanmi Omobolanle and is subtitled in English.
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