9ice, Nigeria’s Foremost Afrobeat Musician releases Artwork for His Anticipated album G.R.A

9ice, one of Nigeria’s foremost Afrobeat Musicians has released the Artwork for his upcoming album G.R.A (Galvanizing Right Ahead). The colorful artwork, depicts a shirtless 9ice, with his back turned, hands in the air in a motion that seems like he is flying against the wind. He is facing a painted image of himself, reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s painting of Marilyn Monroe. Written across the painting are the inscriptions “From nothing to something”.  A powerful message that seems to tell a story of a man looking at a colorful reflection of himself as an inspiration to stand strong in the struggle we call life. 9ice currently has 5 platinum studio albums and G.R.A will be his 6th album. Known for his proverbial lyrics sang in his native tongue (Yoruba), 9ice has churned out hit after hit since he made his music debut, making him of of the most successful musicians in the oil rich nation of over 170 million people. This year, 9ice has released two notable singles titled Ike Kan and Life Drama, respectively. Life Drama, his latest single, is a conscious song about the everyday struggles of the average Nigerian. Its a beautiful song that displays a classic play of  deep lyrics,  harmony and sweet melody. The video for Life Drama has been shot and is set to be released this month. Trust that Entertaining Africa will being you the video once it is out. 9ice is well known for his hit single Gongo Aso, which placed him as one of Nigeria’s A-List musicians. He has toured the world with his music, notably playing at Mandela’s Birthday at Hyde Park. An official release date for G.R.A has not been set, but we will keep you posted. Check out the creative album cover below and you can watch two of his latest videos after.

9ice GRA

9ice in IKE KAN

9ice in 3310