10 Things You Didn’t Know about 2face Idibia [SEE + PICTURES]

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Nigeria’s Foremost Reggae/Pop Artist 2face Idibia is one person that has managed to stay in the limelight for over a decade. He is what you can describe as having an “RKelly or Mary J Blidge” kind of career. Always relevant. We know a lot about the music star, he is humble, he is talented, he is good looking, but are there things you may not know about 2face Idibia? In this Exclusive report by Entertaining Africa, we list 10 things you may not know about our living legend 2face Idibia.

1. 2face Idibia was the first Nigerian to win the Best African Act in the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards. He was also the first Pop Artist of this generation to get invited for the Grammy Awards by a major publishing company.

2. His full names are Innocent Ujah Idibia and he is a child that is very fond of his parents, most especially his mother. You can say, one of the ways to his heart is genuine love for his mother.

3. 2face Idibia has a deep rooted love for Reggae music and one of his dreams is to do a full reggae album. He hasn’t been able to because he instead works relentlessly to find a healthy balance in music between what the fans want and what he is good at.

4. When he was still a member of the Plantashun Boyz, him and members of the boy group, Faze and Blackface would hop on Danfos to go around promoting their music. There were times when they wouldn’t hold enough money and had to use what was left on them and on several occasions they risked getting kicked off the bus.

5. When 2face was attacked by armed robbers in the mid 2000’s, he was shot with a locally made gun that expels pellets. Some of those pellets remain in his body till date.

2face  Dance Floor

6. 2face Idibia’s first love was  Former Miss Nigeria, Vien Tetsola. The two enjoyed a whirlwind romance for the earlier part of his career. Many thought they could never split but they eventually did. It is safe to say that was also his first heartbreak. He also enjoyed a short lived romance with former nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma. She was single, young an pretty and he was hot and charming.

7. 2face Idibia is currently one of the most well traveled Musician in Nigeria. The only other pop artist that comes close to his record in passport decorations is Koko Master Dbanj.

8. A lot wonder why the ladies in his life found it hard to leave 2face Idibia alone, word is, he is quite the romantic and very funny, caring and so loving you cant help but look past his misgivings. Even with the controversy surrounding his love life, he still remained an ideal guy for them.

9. 2face Idibia is currently recording his next album project and has been spotted severally in studios in Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia. He was recently spotted in the studio with American singer, TPain.

10. 2face Idibia is one of the most decorated music stars of this generation. Some of the awards he has received include;

Best Male Vocalist 2002 Affinity Awards
Music of the Year 2004 Excellence Recognition Awards
Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment Industry 2004 Award for Excellence
Best Male Vocalist 2004 A.M.E.N Awards
Song of the Year 2004 A.M.E.N Awards
Best New Act Male 2004 A.M.E.N Awards
Best Video 2004 A.M.E.N Awards
Song of the year for “African Queen” 2004 Nigeria Entertainment Awards New York
Best Album of the year 2004 Nigeria Entertainment Awards New York
Best Hip Hop and R&B Artiste 2004 Nigeria Entertainment Awards New York
Musician of the Year 2004 City People Awards for Excellence
Best Male Video 2005 Channel O Music Video Awards
Best African Video of the year 2005 Channel O Music Video Awards
Best African Act 2005 Channel O Music Video Awards
Best African Act 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards[24]
Best African Act 2005 Kora Awards
Best Musical Artiste 2005 Afro Nollywood Awards
African Song of The Year (Non Ghanaian) 2005 Ghana Music Awards
Special Recognition Award 2005 Hip Hop World Awards
The Outstanding Musician of the Year 2005 Black Heritage Awards for Excellence
Best Song of The Year 2005 G.C.E International Awards
Musician of The Year 2006 The Future Awards
Africa Break Through Artist of the Year 2006 Nigeria Entertainment Awards New York
Best Album of the Year 2007 Nigeria Entertainment Awards New York
Best African Act 2007 MOBO Awards
Song of the Decade 2007 Nigerian Music Awards
Best R’n’B / Pop album 2008 Hip-Hop World Awards
Best African Act 2008 Australian African Awards
Best selling Nigerian Artist 2008 World Music Awards, Monaco, Spain
Best R&B MTV Africa Music Awards 2009
Artist of the Year MTV Africa Music Awards 2010
Best Male MTV Africa Music Awards 2010
Most Gifted West African Video 2010 Channel O Music Video Awards
Best Pop Video for “Implication” 2010 SoundCity Awards
Best Western 2010 SoundCity Awards
New Champions For An Enduring Culture 2011 16th edition of the Annual THISDAY Awards presented by former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Best International Act: Africa BET Awards of 2011
Album of the year 2011 Hip-Hop World Awards – “The Headies”
Artist of the year 2011 Hip-Hop World Awards – “The Headies”
Best R’n’B / Pop album 2011 Hip-Hop World Awards – “The Headies

And that is not all. Check below for some of 2face Idibia’s current musical works and performances.

2Face – Dance Floor [Official Video]

2Face – True Love [Performance At Buckwyld & Breathless Concert]