GQ Magazine, an Epic Fail – Writer Calls Royal Baby Prince George “STUPID NEWBORN”

We all know that with the amount of competition out there, GQ Magazine may not be doing as well as they used to. In our opinion they lost their cool a few years back and simply got boring. Fast forward to 2013, somebody must have told them about their reality because in what seems like an effort to cause some sort of shock value, a contributor for GQ Magazine, Drew Magary or should we call him Drew MaStupid, came up with a bowl of hogwash he calls “The 25 Least Influential People of 2013“.


The list was as crappy as the person who wrote it. It made absolutely no sense from start to finish. A waste of precious time. We understand the concept of freedom of opinion and freedom of speech but when you take your search for attention as far as insulting an innocent child, then that makes you an epic fail. GQ Magazine, you are an Epic Fail.

Read what MaStupid, oh we mean Magary said about Prince George below


Prince George
“For all the coverage he got, Prince George should have been a special baby. An alien baby. A baby with perpetually bleeding stigmata wounds. But no. After all that breathless anticipation, we were presented with just another stupid newborn who cries and shits and can’t even decide on an eye color yet. What a disappointment to the world. Do more cool stuff, baby!”

Do you think GQ crossed the line by publishing this list and calling the Newborn Stupid?