Jim Iyke Vs John Dumelo : Who is your Favorite On Screen Hottie? VOTE!

John Dumelo Vs Jim Iyke

John Dumelo Vs Jim Iyke

Its versus Friday and today we are talking on screen hotties. For most of us, attraction plays a key role in who we choose to like on the big screen. Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Idris Elba and the likes have some fans who simply watch because they are attractive. The case isn’t much different for their African counter parts, so today we are going to put all acting skills aside and ask who do you find more attractive between Nigerian Actor Jim Iyke  and Ghanian Actor John Dumelo. The polls are open below so please cast in your vote. You can also check two movies they featured in after you vote.

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Watch John Dumelo in “One Night in Vegas  Official Trailer”

Watch Jim Iyke in “Last Flight to Abuja”