Diddy Put A Ring On Cassie Over The Weekend

You may not be able to see it that well in this particular photo, but Cassie is definitely flossin’ a new piece of bling on her ring finger. This past weekend, Diddy posted a photo of nice, heavy iced out ring with the caption:

Baby do you like it? I just want to get you wat you Like ! I just wanna Mk you smile :) #takeDat

A day later, Cassie was spotted wearing the new ring in a photo posted by Keyshia Cole, as well as one of her own. She also confirmed that Diddy gave her the ring when she commented under his photo:

I’m definitely smiling! It’s perfect!

Puff obviously put a ring on it, but the bigger question is, ‘Did he propose this weekend?’

Let us find out!

Catch the pics below:

Diddy buys Cassie a ringCassie Diddy Instagram


Did Diddy propose to Cassie 1


Just last October, Diddy told the ladies of “The View” that love and happiness was more important than marriage, but he wasn’t ruling out jumping the broom just yet.

I think a lot of people put too much on marriage and not enough on happiness.[…] I’m happy, anybody that is in my life is happy. I just want to be happy and I think it’s important for you to protect your happiness and to love yourself, because then you can love other people the right way.

It definitely would be a dream come true for me to just one day be ready for that.[…]I’m not really looking because I know the responsibility that comes with that and I think that a lot of people, they jump into that and they’re not honest with themselves. I’m brutally honest with myself. I don’t want to get married and not make that woman be the best. I’ve been close to it and when I’m ready I’ll make the announcement, but when I do it, I’m doing it forever.

Is Diddy ready for forever?

Congrats to the happy couple!

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