Did Justin Bieber send these Crude text messages to Selena Gomez? Read the text messages here


Justin Bieber is having a rough start to his new year. Police busts, lady trouble and what seems like an ego that can embarrass the biggest jerk. In an alleged text message exchange between him and ex girlfriend Selena Gomez, Justin comes across as cocky and rude. Do we believe these texts are from him? We are not so sure. According to Bieber’s camp, the text messages are not real and came from someone in the singer’s camp who is trying to do him dirty. Check out the content of the alleged text message below.

Justin: Baby come on. I love you.

Selena: I don’t buy that bulls*** anymore I was honest with you and I gave you a second chance All my friends were right. You’re such an a******

Justin: You’re all I need right now. I know I can make it right with you.

Selena: U r a drug addict. U need help.

Justin: Come on. Don’t tell me you don’t miss this [Insert photo of erect penis]

Selena: Stop it You need to listen to scooter and go to rehab. U r sick.

Justin: Rehab? Fuck that! I make that f***** so much money. Cum on baby. [Insert photo of penis]

Selena: Why r u sending these to me. We r done And how can you let za take the fall for your actions U need to grow the f*** up I hope you get jail time. U deserve it at this point

Justin: F*** YOU!!!!! I need to grow up?! HA ok! Enjoy life with OUT ME B****!!!’

Selena: Good!!! Go “retire” or whatever bulls*** attention ur trying to get

Justin: Can’t hear you over my cash, babe! You’re only famous cuz of me. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows. Bye.

Selena: I know all about Kristina btw F*** u

Justin: Nah. Go f*** someone else. Keep that talentless pussy away from me!