World AIDS Day: “I mean HIV” an HIV/AIDS Awareness Spoken Word Poem by Toni Payne [AUDIO]

World AIDS Day

“I mean HIV” an HIV/AIDS Awareness Spoken Word Poem by Toni Payne

World AIDS Day HIV/AIDS awareness spoken word poetry by Toni Payne
December 1st is World AIDS Day and Entertainment Publicist and Poet, Toni Payne has teamed up with Magikal Entertainment to create awareness about the disease using poetry and music.

The first of its kind from the Nigerian Entertainment Industry, “I mean HIV” is conscious poetry at it’s peak and the goal is that people will listen and wish to educate themselves more about the virus and its disease, knowing that not talking about it does not make you immune from it. A very touchy subject among a lot of Nigerians, it gives several scenarios about the virus and the disease and talks about self-education, taking precautions and not stigmatizing people with HIV.

Available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other online retailers, the poem also touches on the subject of stigma and educating ones self about how you can or can’t get HIV. All is not lost for those with HIV, “I mean HIV” concludes with the story of a lady who was born with HIV, yet she did not let the virus control her life, she went on to live a normal life educating people about the disease.

“I Mean HIV” will be used as part of Magikal Entertainment’s “1 Life 2 Live” campus awareness campaign, with an audio CD featuring the spoken word poem “I mean HIV” and the song “Raincoat” by Brain“, distributed across campuses nationwide.

You can Listen to “I Mean HIV” below and watch the video on Youtube below the music player

To Listen watch “I mean HIV” on YouTube below